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Feedback of c00kiem0nstrX

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From [∧][∨] On [∧][∨] Role Feedback Comment
BHAD_ANGEL 07/02/14 buyer positive Thanks and enjoy the item.
good trader as always and its good ur back in biz again.
A+++ for you ^_^
BIX 07/02/14 buyer positive Enjoy your purple legend items Thanks
BHAD_ANGEL 25/02/13 buyer positive Thanks for buying dcore :)
fast trade...
freakrakion 25/02/13 buyer positive Enjoy X2 dh!
XExcaliburX 16/12/12 buyer positive Thanks for buying the AK's
BHAD_ANGEL 15/12/12 buyer positive Thanks for buying 20k cash :)
Sylvester<3 12/11/12 buyer positive Thanks for buying 20 pcs dcore :)
Sylvester<3 26/10/12 buyer positive Thanks 4 buying 2 mk99 :)
Marjorie 17/10/12 buyer positive Enjoy Mk99 and RM Spear +18. Thanx for buying.
Trishyy 16/10/12 buyer positive tnxxxx for buying my friend
amazing buyer,thankss for
waiting :) enjoy ur +19 ebony
scythe legend ^^
InfernalFury 15/10/12 seller positive thanks and enjoy the 25k bulk :d
QuocT 19/08/12 seller positive Enjoy Sweeties
QuocT 20/07/12 seller positive Thanks for buying
BHAD_ANGEL 20/07/12 buyer positive fast and nice person...
thanks again ^_^
QuocT 02/07/12 seller positive Thanks for buying
sieuac 01/07/12 seller positive enjoy 4k cash , thanks!
NewCommer 30/06/12 seller positive Thanks for buying bulk cash.
Champ 30/06/12 trade positive Ty for cores
BIX 30/06/12 buyer positive thanks for buying.. happy game
Marjorie 29/06/12 buyer positive Thanks For Buying. Happy Game.
Chris 29/06/12 seller positive aw snap i capped ur level hahah now ur lv99
Alex 29/06/12 buyer positive Thanks for buying +20 magic grade summer stars! ;)
Marik 12/05/12 trade positive Thnx
BIX 11/05/12 buyer positive He sent first.. tnx
aimansyazwan1997 11/05/12 buyer positive Thanks for the bask :)
TheFugitive 11/05/12 buyer positive Thanks for 99 mks
InfernalFury 11/05/12 seller positive enjoy the 3k cash :3
BHAD_ANGEL 07/05/12 buyer positive tnx for buying and enjoy ^_^
QuocT 07/05/12 seller positive enjoy
InfernalFury 18/04/12 seller positive Thanks! Enjoy the 27.5k cash :D
Chris 27/03/12 seller positive enjoy ur cash ^^
InfernalFury 22/03/12 seller positive Enjoy d-core :D!
BHAD_ANGEL 22/03/12 buyer positive Enjoy halloween body +19... Thanks ^_^
InfernalFury 21/03/12 seller positive ty enjoy mithrils xD
QuocT 21/03/12 buyer positive enjoy
jwong312 21/03/12 trade positive Thanks for the sword!
BIX 21/03/12 trade positive tnx
Khoa 09/03/12 seller positive Enjoy lv 97 SLK ^^ Thanks
Chris 08/03/12 seller positive haha its 81 now D: now ur not even
Mixani 07/03/12 buyer positive Thank u for the item.
nh0xvipdk 25/02/12 seller positive ty for buying ESK:)

enjoy it
BIX 20/02/12 trade positive Thanks
nh0xvipdk 20/02/12 seller positive Enjoy 10k cash :)

nh0xvipdk 18/02/12 seller positive ty for buying gold account :)
Albee 18/02/12 seller positive Thanks for buying on my shop again :D
enjoy DB+19
Spam 18/02/12 buyer positive Superb!
Spam 18/02/12 buyer positive Very fast and secure service!
BHAD_ANGEL 17/02/12 buyer positive trustworthy and fast..
Chris 17/02/12 seller positive Thanks again ^^
Chris 17/02/12 seller positive enjoy ur cash ^^. and 70th feed back woot
BIX 16/02/12 trade positive thanks
sj262 16/02/12 seller positive enjoy ur 10k bulk^^
Chris 15/02/12 seller positive Thanks for Buying :D
hyperkill 11/02/12 buyer positive enjoy
sj262 10/02/12 seller positive enjoy ur 10k bulk^^
Marik 10/02/12 trade positive thnxxxx
InfernalFury 10/02/12 seller positive Enjoy 2k bulk~ :D!
Khoa 10/02/12 seller positive Enjoy cash !!!!
sieuac 09/02/12 seller positive Enjoy NSKing, Thx!
Chris 07/02/12 seller positive Enjoy ur cheap cash ^ ^
Khoa 06/02/12 seller positive Enjoy cash :P
sj262 04/02/12 seller positive enjoy ur 2k bulk^^
Marik 04/02/12 trade positive thnxxxxx
Khoa 29/01/12 seller positive Enjoy 99 musketeer :P
QuocT 28/01/12 buyer positive Enjoy SC 99. Thanks!
Chris 28/01/12 seller positive thanks :D buy second buyer enjoy ur lv99 musk
InfernalFury 26/01/12 seller positive thanks! Enjoy the bulk cash!
Albee 25/01/12 seller positive Great Seller!!!
Thanks for buying Summer Shoulder +19, Body +19 and Arm +18 Legend Grade.
nh0xvipdk 21/01/12 seller positive Thank for buying :)

Good buyer. Trustable

sj262 19/01/12 seller positive enjoy ur mk and grats on ur 50th fb^^
Albee 18/01/12 seller positive Enjoy Summer Helm +19
sj262 18/01/12 seller positive sry abt the delay! will bulk you asap^^
Albee 17/01/12 seller positive Enjoy Lovely +19
QuocT 15/01/12 buyer positive enjoy summer sword +19. thanks
InfernalFury 15/01/12 seller positive Enjoy the 5k bulk :D
Khoa 07/01/12 seller positive Enjoy cash :pedobear: Thanks my friend :D
sj262 06/01/12 seller positive enjoy ur 10k bulk^^
Ace 04/01/12 seller positive Thanks and enjoy the cash :)
Liadran 04/01/12 trade positive Smooth A++
_[[DeMon]]_ 12/12/11 seller positive Enjoy !
Jowy 04/12/11 seller positive No problems, all went well, ty!
Pc]Black 26/11/11 seller positive Enjoy your +20 summer dagger! Good buyer!
Tate 26/11/11 seller positive Bulked from site thx and enjoy=)
Speed_Hawk 20/11/11 seller positive Enjoy summer arms +19! A++
bbking2302 19/11/11 seller positive great seller will do business gain
>Rakilion< 10/11/11 seller positive A++
_[[DeMon]]_ 10/11/11 seller positive Enjoy !
Nghia 08/11/11 seller positive Enjoy BD :)
Khoa 07/11/11 seller positive Enjoy 2x 99 bts :) Thanks.
trdmiller 04/11/11 seller positive Thank you for the money, enjoy!
_[[DeMon]]_ 03/11/11 seller positive Enjoy !
NewCommer 27/10/11 buyer positive Enjoy the cash~
_[[DeMon]]_ 25/10/11 seller positive Enjoy !
Albee 25/10/11 seller positive Enjoy DB+19
Tate 20/10/11 buyer positive Enjoy bulk mate =)
luckytee 20/10/11 buyer positive Enjoy the +15 Db^^
Nghia 19/10/11 seller positive enjoy the sword :)!!!!
_[[DeMon]]_ 18/10/11 seller positive Enjoy !
luckytee 14/10/11 buyer positive Enjoy the +19's Summer Arms~^^
pegjosh 23/09/11 seller positive Easy A
sj262 03/09/11 buyer positive thanks for the br:)
abyssds 03/09/11 seller positive Smooth transaction thanks :)
Khoa 01/09/11 seller positive Enjoy Damned Body +19 :)
nguyenthientoan1990 25/08/11 trade positive another smooth trade, trustworthy ^^ A++++
Khoa 25/08/11 seller positive Enjoy NS Sword +19 :)
_[[DeMon]]_ 22/08/11 seller positive Enjoy !
SuperVillain 22/08/11 buyer positive Thanks for trusting me. Very very very trustworthy guy! He gave me the codes first and waited for 3 weeks due to the cash stamps.
nguyenthientoan1990 21/08/11 seller positive A+++, hehe
[G]enius 09/08/11 trade positive he sent first. good buyer ;)
Nghia 05/08/11 trade positive enjoy ecores.. he sent first A+++
Liadran 02/08/11 trade positive Nice trade he sent 1st! TY!
TheFugitive 01/08/11 seller positive Great attitude, great guy, one of the few great firends i've met in rakion.
He sends first :D
_[[DeMon]]_ 29/07/11 seller positive Enjoy B gems and MK 99 :)
_[[DeMon]]_ 22/07/11 seller positive Enjoy +15 items and 99 BT :)