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Feedback of Jenn<3

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From [∧][∨] On [∧][∨] Role Feedback Comment
DeathVox 03/02/11 trade positive Another great deal! A++
DeathVox 01/02/11 buyer positive Amazing Deal! Trustworthy to the max!
eleazer77 31/01/11 trade neutral another succesful trade and cheap price..

i love this guy..

thanks for cheap GC body
musicdj3 15/01/11 trade positive Very nice trader.
babyborn 11/01/11 seller positive good trader :)
eleazer77 09/01/11 trade positive .. thanks again for nice trade

uth0010 29/12/10 trade positive Good trade!!!
Kan 22/12/10 buyer positive Good trader.
CXE 19/12/10 buyer positive Trustworthy! :)
aro 18/12/10 seller positive Great and good seller
[M][A][N][A] 17/12/10 trade positive Great seller !!
Myko 16/12/10 buyer positive Thanks ;)
SmallMagic 12/12/10 buyer positive Very trustworthy, thanks a lot Jenn :D
WTFdoyouwant 11/12/10 buyer positive Thanks! very trustworthy
eleazer77 10/12/10 trade positive Thank dude.. you are very considerate and trustworthy
]Veritas[ 10/12/10 trade positive Super Fast and great deals
Zaffiro 10/12/10 trade positive Perfect fast trade, thank you very much
Kristal_Tear 10/12/10 seller positive A+++++!! Bought 3 items and got the dc ^^! very friendly, nice person! Totally recomended! 100%!! thanx so much!
[S]carface_ 27/10/10 buyer positive TY for the OSK

A++ !
Smellycheese 27/10/10 trade positive Pleasure doing business with you, as always.
Smellycheese 26/10/10 seller positive Thank you very much.
Well commissioned trader right here ^^.
TheBest 24/10/10 buyer positive Thanks for a great Trade! No wonder you have 210 positive feedbacks, trustworthy/Kind/Smooth Seller. Thanks for The OSK!
dash3r9 22/10/10 trade positive Perfect as always A+++
Prodagy 21/10/10 buyer positive I sent the money first, trustworth A+
MaliciousX 18/10/10 buyer positive [★] GREAT [★] THANKS ~!
Charmander 13/10/10 buyer positive A++++++ good seller and fast
musicdj3 13/10/10 trade positive Sent the item after i payed him in paypal :D You can totally trust him.
Ram5is 13/10/10 trade positive Thank you for BlackDragon :)
kalwenSone 13/10/10 buyer positive thx :D
Shade 11/10/10 buyer positive Yet another successful trade.
Dersa 10/10/10 seller positive Just another one of his positive feedbacks :)
MaliciousX 09/10/10 buyer positive ~ #201 POSITIVE CONGRATS.
~ Your Good
~ Gold [★]
LolCat 08/10/10 seller positive Smooth trade! Ty
Osmund 07/10/10 trade positive Another great transaction! Fast delivery! Will continue to do business again and again!
Exclusive 07/10/10 buyer positive Great Seller
trdmiller 06/10/10 seller positive one of the good and fast sells
ghbhacks25 05/10/10 seller positive WHOAAAA 4 mage items including icarus...+10 for $8!!!
Another great trade
Osmund 05/10/10 trade positive Great seller! Very trustworthy! Great communication! Will trade again and again!
Jerremy 05/10/10 buyer positive Great Seller, I sent money first:D
blattmeister 29/09/10 buyer positive smooth trade again :)
Shade 29/09/10 trade positive Love this guy. He was my very first trade on this site, and is still the standard for excellence. :)
[M][A][N][A] 26/09/10 buyer positive Every went well, easy fast trade
ily2fb 17/09/10 trade positive
blattmeister 16/09/10 buyer positive got the items nice and fast :)
Kai-Inferno 11/09/10 buyer positive S Class Trader as usual.
Snowy 11/08/10 buyer positive Fast trade, I sent cash first and he got back asap =D
icefire 09/08/10 trade positive sent the items fast. good trader A+++
Zwammy 08/08/10 trade positive Good communication. Nice Deal!
Trev 07/08/10 seller positive Smooth!
eetuh 07/08/10 trade positive Fast and Trustworthy A+++
CXE 07/08/10 buyer positive Good seller :D A+
Vulpix 05/08/10 buyer positive Very easy trade :) A+, Thanks ^-^
Kan 03/08/10 buyer positive Yet another succesful trade.
Jowy 03/08/10 seller positive Enjyo the cash, ty ^^
LuckyToSnort 30/07/10 buyer positive Sent cash and received item while playing :)
coinflip 27/07/10 trade positive Best trader ever I love her =D
DrGreenThumb 25/07/10 trade positive Couldn't go any quicker :D
CXE 25/07/10 buyer positive Quick and trustworthy. A+ :D
Jowy 23/07/10 seller positive Sry about the wait on the helmet, have fun with it :)
Toxicity 22/07/10 seller positive Good trader I sent first and left a PM and got what I wanted very quickly afterwards.
butchR 19/07/10 trade positive thanks
Jowy 17/07/10 seller positive Enjoy your cash, ty again :)
IdanP 12/07/10 trade positive deal went according to plan, looking forward to the next trade =]
Bluecalm 12/07/10 seller positive gg seller. replied really fast, sent really fast, gave feedback really fast. lol
_[[DeMon]]_ 11/07/10 buyer positive First trade, hope to trade again more time :)
Jowy 11/07/10 seller positive Clear instructions, thank you! Enjoy the cash
Dream 11/07/10 trade positive another flawless trade done
ghostone 09/07/10 buyer positive fast!!! n1 :P
Dream 07/07/10 trade positive very trustworthy :D
tgzh168 05/07/10 buyer positive abit slow due to location different time zone. But nevertheless good trade and painless A+ will buy again
13osss 02/07/10 seller positive i send cash she/he sends the item smooth trade
Kan 26/06/10 trade positive She sent items first.
shion7129 25/06/10 trade positive Fast Seller Great Items
Kan 24/06/10 buyer positive Held items for me, yay!
Flazsh 20/06/10 trade positive Thanks =]
stonedstoner 18/06/10 buyer positive sent money fast, went smooth.
rite2censor 18/06/10 seller positive Thank you for prompt delivery :)
sid 18/06/10 trade positive trustworthly any time any where any trade :P
Suppot Jenn<3 :)
Kai-Inferno 16/06/10 trade positive Easy-going and open-minded. A++
Sabster 15/06/10 buyer positive Thanks for the horsies ^.^ awesome buyer.
Shade 15/06/10 trade positive Another successful trade. Jenn<3 ftw.
DrGreenThumb 14/06/10 trade positive Couldn't go any smoother, sent first, got items very shortly after.
Shade 14/06/10 trade positive Awesome as always. He even sent first, with his monster feedback to my considerably smaller feedback. Trustworthy, and a great guy.
Axiom1 13/06/10 trade positive nice trade again XD

Great Trader!
Axiom1 13/06/10 trade positive Nice trade XD
Urmum 12/06/10 trade positive Fast, trustworthy A++
mushyiscool 09/06/10 buyer positive For going through all the trouble just to get me my items TY JENN<3
mushyiscool 08/06/10 buyer positive A++++ TRUSTWORTHY
Phase_Shift 04/06/10 trade positive bought hween dagger for arch, i paid first, went super! :)

Thanks <3
Stevenn 28/05/10 trade positive Awesome trade ^^
kleffo 26/05/10 buyer positive NICE AND FAST! VERY TRUSTWORTHY! A++
Jowy 26/05/10 seller positive Thanks again :)
blakie 26/05/10 trade positive Great communication. Quick to send :) thanks.
Axiom1 26/05/10 trade positive TY Great TRade!
kelvinho66 23/05/10 seller positive great trader:) i sent first, went smooth!!
BIadeSmith 22/05/10 trade positive good trade :)
kelvinho66 22/05/10 seller positive great seller, sent first:) went smooth
truffles<3 21/05/10 buyer positive another great trade. very cool person
Removed 20/05/10 trade positive A++
truffles<3 20/05/10 trade positive great sale! never expect anything less than excellent :D
innocent-charlie 19/05/10 buyer positive Absolutely painless. He sent first. Very fast trade. Excelleny buyer. I recommended this person :) A+
Marschmellow 18/05/10 trade positive great trade :)
sjiinhoo 18/05/10 trade positive Trustworthy 100% :) A++
chaddy1830 18/05/10 buyer positive Another perfect trade, and as I said he/she is the most generous person I've seen here in rakion.biz xD. A+++. trustworthy and reccomended ^_^
Ultra>Violet 18/05/10 trade positive Ty all went perfect
meismudkip 18/05/10 buyer positive Great Trader I sent first
AquaTiger 18/05/10 trade positive Great trader. Fast and quick. Sent first. A++
PoiPoi 17/05/10 trade positive woo :) got items..everything went good...very trustable
meismudkip 16/05/10 buyer positive Great Seller I sent first
Marjorie 11/05/10 trade positive nice buyer... sent payment first :) thanks!
Flazsh 10/05/10 trade positive Thanks. =]
jeremy3d 09/05/10 seller positive Trustworthy !!!! Went first. FAST TRADE !!!! and he gave me a gift thanks !!
Phase_Shift 08/05/10 buyer positive Bought machu arms for war, successful trade very fast! Looking forward to future trades :p
Soul 08/05/10 seller positive Thank you! fast and will trade with this person again A+++
BeautyQueen 08/05/10 trade positive Thanks, was a quick and easy trade!
redbul 07/05/10 buyer positive I know your awsome <3 thanks ! A+
creepo127 06/05/10 trade positive most recommended trader <3
[GATX0206] 03/05/10 trade positive Thanks.
eggs6969 02/05/10 buyer positive excelllent trade <3

trustworthy, smooth transaction and GREAT DEALS!!
cphs847731 28/04/10 trade positive Great trade :]
KitsuneZ 28/04/10 buyer positive Fast and reliable, Highly recommended
Kan 28/04/10 trade positive She woke up for me <3
linearcomb 26/04/10 buyer positive Negotiable. Friendly and patient.
Trustworthy Trader.
[GATX0206] 26/04/10 buyer positive Great. I payed first, then he sent the items later.
truffles<3 24/04/10 buyer positive i sent first :D totally trustworthy :D)
dash3r9 24/04/10 trade positive another great tradE!! A+++
Removed 24/04/10 seller positive A++
Ninjew 23/04/10 seller positive Thanks for the hammer! xD
darkjames44 21/04/10 trade positive Great seller
Jeevz 21/04/10 trade positive Purchased an omk from Jenn and went smooth. Thanks for helping me with my first purchase :D. Very trustworthy.
Ukko 21/04/10 trade positive Great!!!! A+++ love to trade whit him again;)
Hoshizora 20/04/10 buyer positive AWESOME!
darkjames44 19/04/10 trade positive great seller and great service
MaliciousX 19/04/10 trade positive A+
Jowy 19/04/10 seller positive Thanks again <3
pokey93 18/04/10 trade positive thanks for the free ws axe :)
darkjames44 17/04/10 trade positive very trustworthy
shion7129 17/04/10 buyer positive fast and easy
Ugly_noob 16/04/10 trade positive thanks for the great offer :)
smooth fast trade!
pokey93 16/04/10 buyer positive Got them :D my feedback too thanks
Utamaru 15/04/10 seller positive 4th time trading, excellent as always
LovelyDinner 14/04/10 trade positive GREAT TRADER!!!
[D]oggie 12/04/10 trade positive Great Trade! A+++++
Very fast and reliable. =)
Ukko 12/04/10 trade positive very nice trade !! a+++
Jowy 11/04/10 seller positive Thanks again ^^
Utamaru 11/04/10 seller positive Fast and easy. Nice person to deal with. ^^
ilikepie 10/04/10 trade positive Second trade and this time you went first :)
Excellent trade
SaluteMeBish 10/04/10 seller positive smooth enough
Chow 09/04/10 trade positive Very nice ^_^ A++
temp2 09/04/10 buyer positive Dont have to write much. His feed back count says it all ^^
Smellycheese 06/04/10 seller positive Friendly and quick ^^
[Censored] 06/04/10 trade positive A+++
]Veritas[ 05/04/10 trade positive 1 bux an hour. very good deal <3
Glenn 02/04/10 trade positive Fast and trustworhy trader
Zubr 01/04/10 trade positive great trader nice deals A+++
Cron 30/03/10 trade positive very fast and easy, even went first without asking
DaffyDuck 29/03/10 trade positive Trade went good without any problems :)
osu 28/03/10 trade positive Trade went smoothly without any trouble, 101% trust worthy. Even kind enough to give me free elemental axe +8 ^^. Thanks for the trade. Hope we can trade again in the future :P
_LolTrain 28/03/10 buyer positive Great Trade. Got item as soon as i paid. A++
Zubr 27/03/10 trade positive good and fast A+++
[CRONIC] 26/03/10 trade positive Good trade:D Would do it again.
iron2321 23/03/10 seller positive A+++ Trader!!, fast and honest!!
Painted>Hope 23/03/10 seller positive as every1 obviously knows by now, PRO UBAR NAIS TRADE YAY
aro 20/03/10 trade positive As usual, very prompt and good seller :)
awedinary1 19/03/10 buyer positive A* Trustworthy.
Purplenum 19/03/10 trade positive A++ T++
JforJohnny 18/03/10 buyer positive trustworthy and recommended.
_LolTrain 17/03/10 buyer positive Great Trade. Received item as soon i sent money. Hope to trade again XD
Carbon 17/03/10 buyer positive Very nice deal and fast transaction!
A+++++ Would trade again!
sjiinhoo 16/03/10 trade positive Trustworthy 100% recommended :) A+++
dash3r9 14/03/10 trade positive Generous trader Thanx soo much Recommended A++++ :D
sjiinhoo 13/03/10 trade positive Trustworthy :D A++
Utamaru 12/03/10 trade positive 3 way deal success :D. No problems.
temp2 12/03/10 trade positive Good trader! Trust worthy A++ Would do business again!
Jowy 12/03/10 seller positive Everything went fine, again.
pegjosh 11/03/10 trade positive A+++
aro 11/03/10 trade positive Prompt and good seller.
DragonMan 11/03/10 trade positive fast trade. good person to trade with
Utamaru 10/03/10 trade positive Positive. Even chatted with me a little, very nice person. A+ and Recommended.
AndyL 06/03/10 trade positive Really quick trade. No need for any angst :mrgreen:
WhySoEasy 06/03/10 buyer positive good trader :D
Flazsh 06/03/10 trade positive Trustworthy. Recommended.
AndyL 05/03/10 buyer positive Great deal and trader :D
Vegiita 05/03/10 trade positive Easy trade, her feedback below speaks for themselves
chaddy1830 01/03/10 buyer positive Perfect. Fast. Trusworthy. Recomended. What else to say guys? A++++++ 10++++ ^_^
mizzwan 01/03/10 trade positive Good communication, trustworthy
AquaTiger 28/02/10 trade positive Awesome Fast Trader A+
rimkaru 28/02/10 trade positive AWESOME trust worthy and great to trade with
Theo 20/02/10 buyer positive nom nom nom. :) nice fellow
Tard 19/02/10 trade positive Traded with him 3 times before I joined rakion.biz. I sent first and always got the items he agreed to trade. Recommended!
AT0M0S 19/02/10 trade positive sweet and simple trade :)
dash3r9 14/02/10 trade positive Awesome trade again! SUPER COOL GUY!!! EVEN SENT 2 DAYS B4 I SENT MY ITEMS A+++++++++++++++++++++ RECOMMENDED!!!
Smellycheese 13/02/10 trade positive Great trade ^^
Kookiies 12/02/10 seller positive Very trustworthy, I'd recommend Jenn<3
Moosh 10/02/10 trade positive Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
100% not a scammer !@#!@ :D
(W)hiteAngel 04/02/10 buyer positive Wonderful trade/ sale XD, would luv to trade with ya again. A++++++++++
Jinstur 04/02/10 buyer positive Got my money, A++++ buyer. I sent her the item first because I knew 100% that she does not scam
BIX 04/02/10 trade positive very trustworthy!! tnx!
]Veritas[ 03/02/10 trade positive I really need to find more people to trade with :D Fast trade less than 3 minutes
]Veritas[ 29/01/10 trade positive Awesome trader. Over 74$ worth of items and quick trade of nine items. Best trader ever!
eggs6969 28/01/10 trade positive ahah thanx great trade :D i sent first :D and i get my items straight away :D cheers brotha
Shelbster 28/01/10 trade positive Items delivered right on time. Always a pleasure trading with Jenn :D
Vulpix 27/01/10 trade positive Psh easy peasy! l didnt even hesitate once we got ahold of eachother in game. Sent it instantly, no problem-o
AimAce 27/01/10 trade positive Great seller, completely safe trade and fast as well! :D I advise buying from Jenn if she has stuff you need
Leica 26/01/10 seller positive Promptly sent items after i paid him, recommended!
Jeffrey_ 26/01/10 trade positive Trustworthy person, 100% sure
Fast and good Like always Jenn <3 :D
AquaTiger 23/01/10 trade positive Fast, Awesome. Trustworty. A+
beezbox 22/01/10 trade positive Another great trade. I trust this guy 100% with confidence.
Jowy 21/01/10 trade positive Successful, again :)
darren903 20/01/10 trade positive Fast and quick
Osmund 20/01/10 trade positive First trade! It went fast and simple. Will trade again!
Dream 19/01/10 trade positive second deal done,deal with confidence
Ampz 14/01/10 buyer positive I bought a 99 NSO from him for 32k cash. It went perfectly. I sent first and as soon as I sent it I received my NSO :) a+++
Dersa 12/01/10 seller positive Good man, acts well when the situation goes wrong
_[[DeMon]]_ 10/01/10 trade positive Nice

Ready to trade again many times with him
pak man 10/01/10 trade positive evrything went smoothly...
D_Champion 07/01/10 trade positive Great. Fast. Smooth. Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger
Jowy 06/01/10 seller positive Everything went fine :)
Shelbster 30/12/09 trade positive Again, trade was fantastical :)
Shelbster 29/12/09 trade positive Trade went great. Very trustworthy.
Jeffrey_ 29/12/09 trade positive Excellent trade bro,
it was fast and good.
Highly recommed :D
Shade 29/12/09 trade positive Excellent. Fast and efficient with no problems.
beezbox 29/12/09 trade positive Excellent trader... Very trustworthy.
Falcon 28/12/09 trade positive Excellent trader, highly recommended.
ilikepie 26/12/09 trade positive You'll be asked to send first, BUT DON'T WORRY. Very trustworthy guy :)
Dream 26/12/09 trade positive nice guy to deal with
got a red cow from him